You Won’t Believe What He Eats

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Classic physique champion Breon Ansley announced that 2022 would be his last year competing in the classic weight category. He said so because he feels his physique is better suited in a category with a higher cap-off limit.

Ansley reckons he would excel in a heavier division, not restricted by the 185-pound limit in men’s classic. The 42-year-old recently revealed some strange but insightful tips about his bulking prep and how he plans to compete in a heavier division.

Here’s a breakdown of his new, fascinating diet.

Breon Ansley’s Muscle Building Diet

Breon Ansley has said that he has been consuming more calories than before.

“I’m eating more calories than ever before,” said Ansley.

Ansley is consuming more calories than he ever has. He is loving every minute of it and wants to continue it, saying:

“The game plan is … to have more food … and to try to keep the food higher as we continue to go. My carbohydrate intake on my medium days are more than or probably equal to what I start with calorie-wise usually in a prep for the whole day.

Perhaps the biggest change he has made to his diet is his carb intake. He has greatly increased the amount of carbs he is consuming to put on as much mass as he can.

However, he likes carb cycling. What that means is that he essentially cycles between low and high-carb days, rotating between the two. He prefers eating more carbs on days when he is training larger muscle groups, such as back, legs, chest, etc. When it comes to the arms and shoulders, he opts to consume fewer carbs.

Ansley kicks his day off with a heavy, protein-rich breakfast. He eats two whole eggs, two ounces of chicken liver, which is very rich in protein, cream of wheat with some strawberry protein powder, and a generous amount of sea salt.

Ansley eats his second meal post his workout, which as expected, is heavy on protein and carbs, to help him recover from his intense sessions. He consumes six ounces of shrimp and 230 grams of jasmine rice. Ansley loves his seafood and carbs, saying:

“The most carbs that I’ve ever eaten in prep; this is so much fun to me fam.”

His next three meals are pretty much the same, with some minor changes. For his thrid meal of the day, he swaps out the srimp for some basa, a variety of codfish. For his fourth, he repears the second one. For his fifth meal, he circles back to the third.

“The key is guys to this whole thing is to continue to drop weight while we’re eating like this in this manner,” said Ansley.

Ansley’s main goal is to drop weight and still continue eating the same amount of food, which explains his carb cycling. He is hard at work for his next show, and one can only assume that the prep is going strong, as he has got all his bases covered.


Breon Ansley’s diet is exciting and intriguing, to say the least. As he likes to train hard, his body needs a substantial supply of carbs to fuel and refuel itself.

As such, it isn’t shocking that he has opted for such a carb-heavy diet.

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