You only need five exercises to grow shoulder muscle and strengthen your upper body

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Not all upper body workouts involve exercises that specifically target the shoulders. Therefore, it’s worthwhile dedicating the occasional isolated session to strengthening your shoulders and this doesn’t have to take long. In fact, this short resistance routine only includes five moves and will help to build muscle fast.

Often, you’ll only need to get your hands on some dumbbells to target your shoulders with but for this routine, you will be learning some fresh exercises that incorporate other forms of weights, including weight plates and the bar from a barbell.

However, if you are working out from home and only have access to a pair of the best adjustable dumbbells, you can modify the exercises and the volume of weight you are working with to complete the full routine without the additional equipment.

Lisa Lanceford (also known as lisafiitt (opens in new tab) on Instagram), the personal trainer behind this routine, demonstrates each move for you so that you can ensure you are grasping the correct form. This will help you gain better results and avoid injury.