Why Curves gym community is Perth woman’s pride and joy

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Neve Goodwillie from Perth is looking forward to a celebration in the town next month – and the chance to reward the successes of ‘the amazing Curves women’ in her life.

Neve was just six when her mum Wendy took over the Curves fitness club franchise.

Now the 21-year-old manages the club – at Glenearn Road in Craigie – and is planning their first ever awards ceremony.

“Whether they’ve been here for one month or 17 years we want to celebrate all of our members successes,” Neve explains. “Some of them have changed their lives.

“Curves is way more than just a gym, we’re a support network for women of all ages, shapes and sizes. And more than 3000 have come through the doors to us.

“I really grew up with Curves – Perth has the longest running franchise in Scotland. And we still have members now who knew me when I was little.

Neve with her mum Wendy Forsyth who launched the Curves franchise in Perth. Image: Steve MacDougall / DC Thomson

“So it really is a lovely feeling working there with them.”

Curves gyms focus on full body strength training through a circuit which takes 30 minutes and includes a warm up, strength training, cardio, cool down and stretching all in the same workout.

‘The magic will happen’

Neve continues: “The beauty of Curves is the workout and science is all done for you already, you just have to do it and the magic will happen!

“I love Curves. It is what I believe is missing from women’s life.

“A huge number of women don’t feel confident or comfortable enough to go to traditional gyms. At Curves we provide one to one support.

“We have women from all different backgrounds who don’t know each other when they start their journey but can make the best of friends at the club.”

Women from 12 to 86 enjoy their workouts at Curves gym in Perth. Image: Curves Perth

Having run the business since 2018, Neve has seen many women transform their health at Curves.

She explains: “We have women aged 12 to 86 doing the same circuit and celebrating each other’s journey and success.

‘The ladies are family’

“Hearing their achievements – whether it be health conditions, weight-related, mental health, or surgeries healing faster by building up the muscle – really does make what I do worthwhile.

“It’s a feeling I can’t get elsewhere, the ladies at Curves are like my family and it makes me so proud to be helping them whatever it may be.”

Women who don’t exercise can lose anywhere from 3% to 8% of their muscle mass each decade – so Neve is determined to help local women avoid this.

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Posted by Curves Perth Scotland on Tuesday, 25 October 2022

“Strength training can enhance your quality of life,” she says. “It can improve your ability to do everyday activities, protect your joints, contribute to better balance and may reduce your risk of falling.

“It can help women who are maybe trying to lose weight too, as they may find their metabolism has dropped due to muscle loss.”

Curves clubs across the world have been celebrating the organisation turning 30. And Neve and the ladies enjoyed a workout through Zoom with clubs from Spain, France, Switzerland.

Neve loves the community spirit at Curves in Perth.

“When we first took on the club there were eight pieces of equipment,” says Neve. “And you went round the circuit three times in 30 minutes.

“In 2008 for every 100 members, we got an additional piece of equipment. Then in 2009 we introduced Curves Smart, technology giving moment to moment feedback.

‘Impact the health of our city’

“Now we’re proud to say we have a full new improved purple circuit with 12 machines plus a stretching circuit,” she continues.

“And we’ve added additional classes like boxing, dance and tone, core strength, stretch and strength, legs, tai chi, balance, cardio and aerobics.

“If we can teach women how to take care of themselves, creating a healthy balance with exercise, food and life, then I truly believe this will echo out into our community to husbands/partners/children/families.

“And really make a huge impact on the overall health of our city.”

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[Why Curves gym community is Perth woman’s pride and joy]