What I learned doing it in my 50s |

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If you’d asked me about how to start weightlifting when I was younger, I would have looked at you confused. As a child, I was anything but sporty. Instead, I was the awkward girl who got picked last for games. As an adult, I joined a gym in my 40s and threw myself haphazardly into various fitness classes – still the awkward girl at heart. I was getting fitter but I wasn’t particularly strong. Up until I was 50, I couldn’t manage a full press-up. 

And yet, on my 53rd birthday, I went to the gym and did 53 full, up-on-the-toes press-ups, ran for 5.3k on the treadmill, and then I did a 53-second plan with a 5kg weight on my back. Since I took up weightlifting, I’m stronger than I’ve ever been.