Top 10 gym bags for men

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For every prolific gym-goer, a gym bag is a must-have item. Investing in gym bags for men is crucial because swapping the regular items with gym essentials every time one decides to hit the treadmill can be quite a hassle. 

You may think “why should I buy a gym bag when I can do very well with a regular bag?”. Well, here’s your answer: a gym bag is specifically made of durable, lightweight materials, which makes it last longer and is easier to carry.

Gym bags can also withstand rough use and be used to carry heavy weights. So, in addition to carrying workout items like workout clothes, water bottles and towels, the gym bag can also be used as an overnight bag, airport carry-on bag, and more.

This article lists some of the most trendy gym bags with features from some of the top-selling brands in India.

Best Gym Bags For Men

The items listed are not just stylish but also economical. Here is a compilation of some of the popular choices in gym bags for men:

Gear | Unisex Black & Grey Colourblocked Cross-Training Duffel Bag

Men© Amazon

This snazzy duffel bag by GEAR comes in a black and grey body, while the insides have a neon green lining. 

It features a spacious main compartment which is essential for gym bags for men. There are two external compartments, two on the sides and one in the front. The bag also features a detachable shoulder strap and two small handles, making it easy to carry.

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Strabo Weekend 28L Water Resistant Gym/Travel/Sports Duffel

Popular gym bag for men© Amazon

Available in black with hints of orange, this workout bag is one of the most popular options. It comes in a nylon outer body, making it water-resistant. It is unisex, i.e., both men and women can use it.

The bag features a main compartment and two external pockets. The outer two pockets and the main pocket have a zip closure. It also has a grab handle on the side. The best part about the bag is its comfortable shoulder strap with adjustable length. This bag comes in several colour combinations.

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PUMA | Men’s Teamsport Formation Duffel 24″ – Black, Red 

A black and red bag© Amazon

Puma’s red and black gym bag is one of the top-rated gym bags for men. The quality quotient is next level because of the polyester shell, which is best for hassle-free cleaning. 

The bag is quite large and can easily accommodate gym clothes, sneakers, post-workout snacks, and more. It also has two side pockets that are ventilated – where a person can keep their sweaty gym shoes after working out.

This bag does not have a longer strap but comes with two small handles with a loop and a hook closure.

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AUXTER | Blacky Leatherette Gym Bag Duffel Bag Shoulder Bag for Men and Women

 a black men© Amazon

This gym bag by Auxter is one of the best gym bags in town. It has an outer body made of synthetic leather, giving it a sophisticated feel and quality look.

The inner compartment is perfect for gym clothes, towels, energy drinks, and sneakers. It has one mesh pocket at the end that is quite stretchable. It is perfect for putting in items post-gym workouts, such as socks or towels.

It has one adjustable longer strap and two smaller handles. The product has a one-year guarantee and is usually priced under Rs 1500.

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Cultsport |Duffle Bag with Shoe Compartment

A small gym bag for men© Amazon

This gym bag by Cultsport looks small and dainty, but do not be deceived by its look. It can carry all the gym gear with ease.

The bag has a spacious main compartment with double zips. It has three external side pockets with a designated shoe compartment. It has a polyester body that is water-repellent and durable. The bag comes in a dual grey and black colour with hints of orange.

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Harrisons Jake Gym Bag for Men and Women, 31 L Sporty Duffel Bag with Shoe Compartment

Popular men© Amazon

One of the popular choices in gym bags for men is this Harrison’s bag which comes in two colour combinations: black and grey, and black and orange.

A speciality of this bag is you can also carry it as a bag pack. It has an external pocket at the rear end of the bag that serves as a shoe compartment. A smaller pocket in the front of the bag houses smaller items such as keys, mobile phones, socks, and more. The bag looks stylish, is medium-sized, and is made of high-quality polyester. 

It comes with two small handles, and it has a long removable shoulder strap. It is usually priced under Rs 1500.

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Sfane | Polyester 23 Cms Duffle Bag

A men© Amazon

This sleek and dandy bag comes in a single shade of black, with a Sfane logo embossed on the front. 

It comes in a polyester body and has a beautiful smooth texture. The main compartment has a zip closure and can be used to accommodate all sports and gym necessities. It has an external pocket that has an in-built shoe compartment with sturdy zips that will not break even if one hammers them down.

It has handles that are soft on the hand plus an adjustable shoulder strap. This bag is also water-resistant.

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Safari | Grey Solid Medium Duffel Bag 56 cm

Grey men© Amazon

This medium-sized gym bag from Safari is a popular choice in the category of gym bags for men. It has a solid grey body with neon green lining, giving it an urbane look.

Besides one large main compartment, it has three external compartments. One on each side, and another on the front. The bag has an adjustable shoulder strap, and comes with two small handles with a loop and hook closure.

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Gaifso | Leather Gym Bag, Shoulder Bag for Men & Women with Compartment

A PU leather bag© Amazon

This bag by Gaifso has a unique appearance and has double handles that are long enough to go over the shoulders. It also has an adjustable single strap. There is one main zip compartment, with a smaller pocket on the side to keep things such as house keys and earphones. 

This bag is perfect not just for sports and gym purposes but also good for carrying luggage for short trips.

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United Colours of Benetton | Duffel Bag

 A violet men© Amazon

This gym bag has an attractive colour combination. It has a violet-orange body with a black interior, making it eye-catching and attractive.

The bag features a medium-sized single zip compartment, two smaller handles, and one long adjustable strap. The longer strap can be removed completely when not in use. It also comes with double zips and two side pockets and boasts the classic Benetton logo on the front.

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The Bottom Line

Investing in a gym bag is a practical choice. Most of them are made of polyester or nylon, which makes these bags long-lasting, water-resistant, and breathable. Each gym bag has a special shoe compartment. Even if a person is putting soggy or wet things inside, the rest of the bag stays clean.

Apart from that, it comes in a variety of styles and colours. If someone is thinking of joining a gym, a good stylish gym bag can be a great addition to complete the gym outfit look. Browse through the list of top gym bags for men to find the right fit.