The Best Wine Glasses of 2022

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After buying your beautiful and expensive wine glasses, the next step is to know how to care for and maintain them properly. This is necessary, so you don’t start noticing stains or bad smells on your drinkware. Here are some guides to direct you:

Always find out the material used to manufacture your wine glass before washing.
It is essential to point out two materials used in making wine glasses — glass and crystal.

While glass wine glasses are more affordable and robust, crystal wine glasses are expensive, more durable, more porous, and refract light so you can see your wine.

How you should handle a glass of wine glass differs from how you should handle a crystal one.

How do you wash them?
You can find out on the box the glasses came in if they’re dishwasher safe or not. Sommeliers and other experts will tell you to avoid dishwashing your wine glasses as much as possible. Still, there’s usually no other choice if you want to save time.

If your wine glasses are dishwasher-safe, this is how you can wash them:

Dish-wash the wine glasses that have stems all by themselves. This is to prevent clangs and breakages.

Use hot water only without any detergent. Use the air-dry setting to dry, or open the door when the cycle is over and allow the glasses to dry naturally.

If your wine glasses are not dishwasher-safe or you prefer washing them with your hands, here are the guidelines:

Wash with hot water.

If you use soap, let it be an unscented soap in the most minimal quantity.

Use a soft sponge or your hands. While washing, hold the glass by the bowl and low in the sink. Do not twist the glass, the rim and outside of the glass should be your focus.

Rinse with cold water.

Dry with a lint-free cloth, or air-dry the glasses upside down.

Generally, if you can find the time, hand-washing your crystal wine glasses is much better, even if their label may say they’re dishwasher-safe.

Also, it would help if you washed your glasses as soon as you used them. However, if you use them at night, you can soak them overnight and wash them in the morning.

Avoid any scented detergent; if you can, avoid any detergent.

How do you store the wine glasses safely?
When your glasses must have dried, the next thing is to store them. The following points will help you:

Please keep them in a well-ventilated area so they can breathe. It’s better if they’re hanging on a glass rack.

Stand them upright if you choose to keep them in a cabinet. Ensure the cabinet has enough space so they don’t knock into one another.

If you notice any musty cabinet smell, air your glasses before you use them.

Polish your glasses now and then.