Staying Fit Not Just For The Kids

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Masters’ Club Classes are sharing the joy in staying
fit and healthy at all ages.

If you visit the Taupō
Events Centre in the morning you might hear a hubbub of
voices and laughter coming from the courts.

It’s not
children’s sports, it’s the Masters’ Club Classes, a
fitness program tailored especially for those over
retirement age who want to reclaim their fitness and
mobility and have fun while they do it.

The group are
cheerful about the exercises, and more than happy to come up
and explain why they keep coming back.

“It’s a
very friendly group, a good incentive to get out and do
exercise with others,” Jan Trim says as she lifts the
kettle bell again.

“I’ve got a quote for you,”
Barry Plank stops by mid-sprint. “Everyone comes and works
out to their own pace, but if you want to be competitive,
you can.” He’s off again, racing his partner to the
other side of the gym.

Other participants share why
they love this class. They’re all beaming.

cost is a real winner for me – same as a cup of coffee.
There’s no dress code, no pressure,” Carol Joiner

Jill Roberts joins in to share her experiences:
“I love it, I’ve been coming eight years. The group is
just brilliant, did you know we’ve got two octogenerians
among us? [The instructors] Kassidy and Michelle are really
good and I belong to the gym upstairs – it’s amazing, so
well equipped. Thanks to the council for providing

There are about 25 people here today, but on
the busier days there can be up to 30.

The class has
been running since 2013, brought in during the AC baths
renovation as a temporary replacement for the aqua-fit
classes. It grew in popularity and has been made a permanent

Taupō Events Centre fitness and activities
team lead Doireann Meade says the group is a real

“This group is awesome. It’s so nice
hearing their laughter in the gym.

“The classes are
a good way for them to socialise, leave the house, and stay

“Our instructors have recently done
training on how to create fitness programmes for people with
specific needs, you know; Parkinson’s, stroke, joint
conditions – so they’re really well equipped to support
people in their fitness journeys through these classes and
in one-to-one sessions.”

Brent Carbines has found
the classes particularly helpful.

“I’ve got
Parkinson’s, so this class is very important to me. It
helps keep my mobility and flexibility going, helps me
mentally too. It’s important physically, the aerobics help
with my heart and breathing, helps with pain management,
becuase that’s what Parkinson’s does, it affects the
muscles. This is one of the only things they know that helps
slow progression.”

Ms Meade says the class meets a
need that often goes unfilled in

“It’s really important that we make
sure no-one gets left out. That’s why we keep the prices
really affordable.”

If you want to get a taste of
the Masters’ or Masters’ Lite community fitness classes,
to see when the next session is.

Get a taste of
Masters’ Club fitness classes at the end of year free
outdoor event on Thursday 15 December, from 8.30am which
will be held on the grass between the Great Lake Centre and

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