New T-Shirt Brand, Dark Leap Tees, Releases Gym Streetwear Line With A Powerful Message

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Dark Leap Tees is a brand-new gym streetwear company with a unique t-shirt line and a mission to make their customers feel powerful in their skin. They want to empower people to realize that they are stronger than they know.

Many people have known moments of struggle or pressure, where they feel that life has got them down or they’re not going to make it. For the founder of Dark Leap Tees, Charles Jenkins, this moment is a chance to see the inner strength and power one has as a person. 

He believes in the gym’s ability to help someone see that power as they push themselves past their limits and find strength they didn’t know they had. This is why he founded Dark Leap Tees. 

It is his goal and mission to help others find that strength in themselves and know their power, and he hopes his t-shirts, designed for use in the gym or as streetwear, help people get the inspiration they need to seek their strength and power. 

“You have the fire inside of you,” Charles says. “You are powerful beyond measure.”

An encouraging message on every shirt

Each shirt has a unique design with a name that invokes a desire to push on and really succeed. With names like “Divine Power” and “Forged from Struggle,” even the shopping experience rises to the occasion. 

When one clicks on each shirt, they find another inspirational message in the description of the product to keep their motivation going. This message explains the intention behind that shirt and the purpose of the design to remind the wearer of why they chose it.


Finding motivation is the first step to overcoming hardships and realizing inner strength and power. Dark Leap Tees wants to inspire people to find that motivation and give them the boost they need to discover who they are and what they can do. 

The brand new company, founded in 2022, has a mighty mission and promises to inspire all their customers to find their power. 

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