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The best time to buy is when there is blood in the streets. True to Nathan Rothschild’s words, it’s turning out to be the best time to eye opportunities in the embattled cryptocurrency sector that has come under immense pressure in recent months.

Valuation levels have tanked significantly to levels not seen in years. Near Protocol and StepN are some established projects with tremendous potential, yet trading at a discount. BudBlockz, on the other hand, is a new project that offers exposure to some of the fastest-growing sectors.

BudBlockz Solid Long-Term Prospects

BudBlockz bills itself as the world’s first decentralized cannabis investment and commerce platform, bridging the gap between the crypto and the cannabis sector. While uniting the multi-billion cannabis sector, the project seeks to make it easy for people to purchase, sell and invest in cannabis-related products and dispensaries worldwide.

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Built on the Ethereum blockchain, BudBlockz offers a decentralized e-commerce platform that ensures the security and privacy of all the people doing business on the platform. Its primary goal is to build a community of like-minded individuals to help develop fair opportunities within the cannabis market.

It also aims to offer solutions for marijuana corporations and entrepreneurs facing complications in logistics fundraising and data management. While leveraging the power of BudBlockz, users can begin investing in dispensaries, farms, and CBD manufacturers while gaining access to fractional ownership of cannabis-centric businesses.

Additionally, BudBlockz is working on an NFT marketplace that will allow people to create, buy, sell, and trade several NFTs. Ganja Guruz is the network’s line of NFTs that will enable users to access a high utility level.

Near Protocol DeFi Push

As BudBlockz seeks to revolutionize the cannabis sector, Near Protocol is also leveraging blockchain technology to bring decentralized finance to as many people as possible. Near Protocol’s primary goal is to enable quick and low-cost transactions.

Near Protocol already leverages sharding technology to achieve high levels of scalability. Consequently, it can handle more transactions per second, making it a perfect fit for decentralized finance. While Near Protocol Native Coin NEAR can be used for paying transaction fees on the network, it can also serve as collateral when storing data on the blockchain. As the race to shift from centralized systems for transactions heats up, Near Protocol is poised to be one of the biggest beneficiaries, given its ability to enable quick and low-cost transactions.

StepN Revolutionizing Health and Fitness

StepN is another project poised for success as a fitness technology platform that combines cryptocurrency and blockchain to motivate people to work out. As health and fitness remain a topmost concern worldwide, most people are likely to end up in the StepN web3 lifestyle app.

Unlike most health and fitness apps, StepN rewards people for using its Play-to-earn app dubbed move to earn. The play-to-earn game rewards people for achieving various milestones while engaging in vigorous activities such as walking and running. The amount of money one can earn depends on multiple factors, including efficiency, resiliency, and comfort.

StepN concept is becoming increasingly popular, which explains its growing user base that affirms its long-term prospects and growth metrics.

Bottom Line

After months of pounding and uncertainty, the cryptocurrency sector is on the cusp of bottoming out. Projects with proven utility and use cases stand to enjoy tremendous success in the future; BudBlockz Near Protocol, and StepN are some of the projects poised to generate significant value.

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