National Nutrition Week: Do you feel sleepy or tired all the time? Here’s how you can deal with this

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National Nutrition Week is celebrated from 1st- 7th of September every year to emphasise the prominence of significant nutrition and healthy eating habits for a hale and hearty well-being. It is said that good health is above wealth; a fine fettle not only safeguards you from plenty of ailments but also assists in maintaining optimum mental health, both of which add up to your happy and healthy years. Chronic fatigue, tiredness or sleepiness all the time can be a symptom of nutritional deficiency and can hamper your productivity and daily chores while dragging you towards other medical conditions, if not treated properly. Here we bring you some ways to tackle this condition. Read on to find out.

A dietary balance

It is believed that you are what you eat! A dietary or nutritional imbalance can create severe deficiencies in the body, as a result, you will easily feel lethargic and grumpy all the time. Similarly, foods rich in bad carbs or those with high glycaemic indexes can also affect your energy levels while making you feel sleepy. And therefore a balanced diet that is enriched in all the vital nutrients is your one-stop solution. Moreover, keep your meals small and frequent to reap the maximum benefits. Add iron-rich foods to your diets like leafy greens, pulses, grains and nuts to decrease tiredness.

A dietary balance

Hydration is a must

Your body processes biochemical activities and as a result, it causes water loss that must be renovated. Dehydration can make your brain passive while making make you yawn and drowsy often. Make sure that you keep a tab on your water intake and consume at least 2.5-3 litres of water every day along with nourishing drinks like soups, stews, coconut water and buttermilk to regain the lost electrolytes in the body.

A good night’s sleep

A bad sleeping pattern is one of the most common causes of tiredness and exhaustion. Not only does it takes you on the lane of high-stress levels but it also increases the probability of numerous health glitches. When you take enough sleep, your body upkeeps and restores cells which consequently fill you with refreshing and energising vibes while making you more alert the next morning. Ensure that you decrease the usage of gadgets 30 minutes prior to sleeping, opt for a dark and pleasant sleeping environment and consume a glass of turmeric milk to boost your sleep quality.

A good night’s sleep

Decrease the consumption of caffeine

Though a cuppa of coffee is touted as the best to amp your energy levels while keeping you active, it actually dehydrates your body and wears you off after the initial dose of oomph and can deplete your energy levels in the long run. Make sure that you limit your caffeine intake and never consume it at night so that you can have a peaceful sleep at night.

These are some of the common ways to deal with tiredness. Switch to a healthy lifestyle to see significant results and do consult a doctor if you have been experiencing exhaustion or fatigue for a longer period of time.

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