Mark Zuckerberg Martial Arts: Mark Zuckerberg flaunts his Martial arts skills, seen training with fighter Khai Wu in a viral video

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A video has gone viral showing some punching and kicking by none other than the Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Before you imagine anything else, let us tell you it is not a battle in the Metaverse!

The video shared by Zuckerberg on Saturday showed that his training partner was about to debut in the Ultimate Fighting Championship or UFC Fight Pass. It is an American video streaming service that showcases all the actions of combat sports and is based on a subscription. For that, he started practicing with Khai Wu. Also popular as ‘The Shadow,’ Khai Wu is a training partner of Mark, among many others.

Q. Has the Meta CEO himself shared the video on Instagram?

A. Yes, and he wished Khai all the best for his debut in the UFC. He also wrote on that post that he was expecting an excellent fight from him.

Though Mark Zuckerberg was seldom seen in such types of video, of late, many centri-billionaires opted for such sports. That includes Elon Musk, the richest person worldwide, and Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon.

Some Physical Training Experts

• On one side, Wesley Okerson is a renowned physical trainer. He is responsible for all the great physiques of the celebrities like Jeff Bezos, Isla Fisher, Tom Cruise, and Gerald Butler.

• On the other side, periodic fasting and trying his hands at some punching and kicking in between have made Elon Musk nearly 20 pounds lighter. What an achievement, right?

Mark Zuckerberg eyes metaverse, AI in Reels, and business messaging to drive growth

Mark Zuckerberg eyes Metaverse, AI in Reels & Business Messaging

Zuckerberg believes one of the main transformations in Meta’s business right now is that social feeds are going from being driven primarily by the people and accounts to being driven by AI recommending content that users find interesting from across Facebook or Instagram.

Q. Who is Harry Jameson?

A. He is a personal trainer who works with popular businessmen, billionaires, and CEOs.

Harry Jameson said that in recent years he had seen a lot of change in the lifestyle of these high-profile people. They have become much more cautious about their lifestyle and health and fitness. Many of them used to party a lot, which has reduced. Moreover, they have started to concentrate on increasing their longevity and appearing better now that they have made a fortune for themselves.

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