Looking at all the women rumored to be Dwight Howard’s girlfriend after his 5 kids with 5 different women

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Dwight Howard’s girlfriend history is very interesting. The popular basketball player has dated many women throughout his life and is rumored to have five children with five different women.

While it’s almost impossible to verify this rumor, it wouldn’t be surprising if it’s true. After all, the former NBA champion has been involved with many women. At one point, he was also one of the most popular players in the league.

This article will reveal Dwight Howard’s girlfriend history and some other interesting details about it. We will take a look at all the women he dated while playing in the NBA.

Dwight Howard’s girlfriends throughout the years

Dwight Howard was the first overall pick in the 2004 NBA draft. A few years later, he began dating a woman named Tiffany Render. They broke up in 2010, when Tiffany’s daughter, Layla, was born. Due to this, many NBA fans believe she is Howard’s daughter.

After his relationship with Render, the basketball superstar began dating Hope Alexa, a fitness model. Hope also had a daughter during her relationship with the eight-time All-Star.

Dwight Howard’s baby mama Hope Alexa 😍😍 http://t.co/pwV9IO1XDU

Royce Reed, who is famous for appearing on “Basketball Wives,” was also Dwight Howard’s girlfriend during the early years of his professional career. This is the only woman the basketball player has publicly had a child with. His son, Braylon Howard, was born in 2017.

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Dwight later dated Christine Vest and Camilla Poindexter. The big man has also been involved with Teanna Trump, an adult movie star. They had a fling sometime around 2012.

Celina Powell was also one of many Dwight Howard’s girlfriends. The same goes for Marion Denise Douglas. Marion, who was rumored to have had an abortion, tattooed Howard’s logo on her neck.

Howard most recently dated Te’a Cooper, a WNBA player. The 25-year-old point guard got engaged in 2019, but they unfortunately parted ways two years later. As of November 2022, Dwight Howard appears to be single.

Where is Dwight Howard in 2022?

Dwight Howard appeared in 60 games for the LA Lakers last season. The big man averaged 6.2 points and 5.9 rebounds. After his contract expired, however, the Lakers did not bring him back.

The five-time rebounding champion tried to get another contract in the NBA, but to no avail. The Brooklyn Nets refused his services a few months ago, which is why he decided to play overseas.

Howard last played for the LA Lakers.
Howard last played for the LA Lakers.

On Nov. 7, 2022, the former NBA champion announced he’d sign with the Taoyuan Leopards of the T1 League in Taiwan, getting more than $1 million for his services.

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In his debut with the Leopards, the big man had a monstrous stat line of 38 points, 25 rebounds and nine assists. He also blocked four shots in the game.

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