Jonathan Majors Takes “Beast Mode” to a Whole New Level with His Workout Routine

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If you’re not a Jonathan Majors fan already, we recommend that you go through some of his photographs. The actor’s chiseled body is sure to impress you, if not leave you awed!

The 32-year-old actor was photographed earlier this year on the set of Creed III and is ready to face off against Michael B. Jordan in the Rocky spinoff sequel. Over the course of the past year, Jonathan Majors has seriously toned up, lost fat, and gained muscle in preparation for some high-profile roles.

Majors told Men’s Health that he gained 10 pounds of muscle for Creed, five more for the role of Kang in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, and an extra six for Magazine Dreams, bringing the number up to 21 pounds. He has also reduced his body fat percentage to below 10 percent.

But how did he manage to do all this? Read on to find out!

Why is Jonathan Majors Working Out?

Jonathan Majors has been in “beast mode” to prepare for some of his upcoming films that require his character to beef up.

Majors is playing the role of Michael Jordan’s opponent in Creed III and will appear as Marvel’s next big bad villain “Kang,” in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania and will play an aviator in Devotion. In Magazine Dreams, the actor will play the role of a bodybuilder. He has been preparing for these movies for approximately a year, and all the roles require him to be quite buffed up and toned.

Jonathan Majors confessed in an interview that working out isn’t just part of the preparation for the movie role, but a means of self-expression for him. He says,

“Training and working out are very important to me. I try to challenge myself to get to a place to express things in the gym the same way that I do in my line of work.”

In this article, we will look at Jonathan’s back-building workout that he revealed to his fans in an interview.

Jonathan Majors’ Workout (Back)

Here is a glimpse at the tough back-building routine that helped Jonathan Majors achieve his new look. On average, he completes three sets of each exercise with 10 repetitions per set.


The exercises included in his routine for developing the back are:

Straight-Arm Lat Pulldown

The straight arm lat pulldown is a key exercise in Majors’ workout regimen. It increases muscle building by focusing on the primary arm and shoulder muscles and may also help in improving posture.

Close Grip Pull-up

Close grip pull-ups allow Jonathan Majors to target his chest and biceps muscles. This is an excellent upper-body exercise that helps increase core, back, and arm strength and muscle.

Leg Raise

Leg raises are an essential back-building exercise for Majors. They increase strength by targeting the lower body and core. In addition to strengthening and conditioning the muscles, this exercise increases their range of motion.

Oblique Knee Raise

It is a version of the pull-up that helps improve abdominal strength and muscle mass. Additionally, this exercise improves midline stability.

One Arm Dumbbell Row

This exercise is a key component of Majors’ workout regimen. This complex exercise targets the back, upper arms, shoulders, and core to develop upper-body strength.

Dumbbell Shrug

Since it targets the trapezius and shoulder muscles, dumbbell shrugs are also one of the most significant back-building exercises in the actor’s routine. It also helps to rectify shoulder imbalance and increase upper-body strength.


For his upcoming roles, Jonathan Majors has been adhering to a rigorous gym regimen to achieve a physique that is unparalleled. Although we do not know the details of his entire workout routine, we have covered his back-building workout in this article. You can try and incorporate these exercises into your personal routine or take inspiration from them.

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