Is TikTok’s Liquid Chlorophyll the next big health craze?

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Liquid chlorophyll has been trending on TikTok recently, drawing attention from many of its users. Chlorophyll plays an important role in providing food to plants and thus keeping them healthy and green. It is also known to have nutritional, antioxidant, and therapeutic properties that might have potential health benefits. Liquid chlorophyll supplements contain chlorophyllin, which is different from leaf chlorophyll since it has copper instead of magnesium.

Though we can get chlorophyll from plants, the compound is absorbed better from supplements. Most of the products available in the market claim various benefits, including better immune health, reduced inflammation, better digestion, and detoxification. This article aims to discuss all these claims and see whether this TikTok trend is worth following or not.


Are there any health benefits of liquid chlorophyll?

Liquid chlorophyll may be beneficial for health and wellness. Some of the claimed benefits are discussed below.

Possible benefits in the prevention of certain cancers

Consumption of chlorophyll may lead to a decrease in aflatoxin levels in the body. Aflatoxins are a family of toxins produced by certain fungi that grow on crops such as corn, peanuts, cottonseed, and tree nuts. Exposure to these toxins is associated with an increased risk of hepatic cancer. Preliminary trials have indicated that a chlorophyll-rich diet could prevent colon cancer. Studies have also been conducted to see the effects of chlorophyll on pancreatic cancer.

Weight loss

A 2014 study claimed that few women lost weight when they consumed a supplement that included chlorophyll. Current claims regarding liquid chlorophyll are limited and the hype about such claims is a result of trending videos on TikTok. Some studies suggest that chlorophyll can increase satiety or a feeling of fullness, which can indirectly help in weight loss by reducing appetite.

Skin Benefits

Chlorophyllin, the compound present in liquid chlorophyll, has shown anti-inflammatory effects. It can also prevent the growth of bacteria in skin wounds. Many skin ointments contain papain-urea-chlorophyllin due to its beneficial effects on the skin. This compound may also be beneficial for other skin conditions. It might also reverse sun damage to the skin. Topical application of liquid chlorophyll might also help with the management of acne and skin pores.

Are there any risks associated with liquid chlorophyll?

Though chlorophyll and chlorophyllin aren’t known to be toxic for human consumption. However, there are some possible side effects, including digestive problems, vomiting, diarrhea, and green, yellow, or black stools when taken orally. Topical application of liquid chlorophyll might cause itching, irritation, or a burning sensation on the skin.

The potential risks for pregnant or breastfeeding women are not studied yet and hence this supplement should not be taken by women who are pregnant or lactating. Chlorophyll might also interact with existing medications, so people must consult their doctors before taking any chlorophyll supplements.

How to use liquid chlorophyll?

Liquid chlorophyll is usually taken orally. It is available in liquid or powder form. Most of these products can be mixed with water or another drink before drinking. It is also available in tablet form. Liquid chlorophyll is a well-known supplement available in many supplement stores, online, and over-the-counter at pharmacies. It is also found in superfood green supplements that might also contain spirulina, wheatgrass, and chlorella.

There is no recommended daily allowance since chlorophyll supplements are unregulated by the FDA. Most products have a suggested dosage of 100 mg per day.


Chlorophyll is a compound that can be found in plants. It is also available as a supplement in the form of powders or liquids. Liquid chlorophylls have been trending on the popular social media app TikTok recently. Users sharing these videos claimed to have benefitted from liquid chlorophyll. It may have several health benefits, such as reducing cancer risk and helping with skin healing.

However, it is too early to make such strong claims. Though it is safe to consume these supplements, this has not been tested clinically. To avoid any contraindications with other medications, one should always consult their doctor before taking liquid chlorophyll. It has to be kept in mind that TikTok videos are not medical advice and hence should not be blindly followed. Evidence-based research and proper advice from certified health professionals are crucial for health.

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