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Key features and specs

  • Aluminum and steel frame
  • 16-inch HD touchscreen
  • Dimensions: 80 inches x 19 inches x 43 inches
  • Stored dimensions: 26.5 inches x 30 inches x 82 inches (vertical anchor sold separately for vertical storage)
  • Machine weight: 102 pounds
  • Maximum recommended user weight: 375 pounds
  • Maximum inseam: fits up to a 36-inch inseam
  • Resistance type: Software-driven electromagnetic resistance
  • The Hydrow Wave is 30 percent smaller than the original Hydrow Rower and has a sleeker design more suited to smaller living spaces
  • This rower features Hydrow’s patented electromagnetic drag technology that mimics the experience of outdoor rowing on the water in your own home
  • For an additional $38/month, Hydrow All-Access Membership offers daily live workouts led by Hydrow athletes as well as 4,000+ on-demand workouts in rowing, Pilates, yoga, strength and conditioning

The Hydrow Wave is the brand’s newest connected rowing machine, joining the existing Hydrow Rower. All the things users loved about the Hydrow Rower are still present in the Wave—the All-Access Membership is still best in class for connected fitness, with professional instructors who provide encouragement as you push through workouts while offering tips on how to improve your form. Now, however, you get the benefit of more space and a lower price—the Wave shaves off nearly $1,000 from the Hydrow Rower.

Read on to learn more about the Hydrow Wave’s pros and cons, who it is best for, how it stacks up against the competition and more.

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Hydrow Wave Pros:

  • More compact, sleek design
  • More affordable than original Hydrow rower
  • Engaging, informative content for beginner rowers

Hydrow Wave Cons:

  • Vertical storage requires a $190 accessory
  • Monthly subscription required to stream workouts ($38/month)
  • Price point is still not cheap

How to Use the Hydrow Wave Rower

The Hydrow Wave works much like any other rowing machine—you sit on the seat, strap your feet into the footholds, and pull back on the bar to create the motion of rowing a boat. 

When you first turn on the home screen, users are directed to a series of introductory videos that teach proper rowing form, provide tutorials for how to use the Hydrow Wave and help users filter through all the different types of workout sessions.

What to Consider Before Purchasing the Hydrow Wave Rower


The Hydrow Wave rower is about 30 percent smaller than the original model. It measures 80 inches long by 19 inches wide by 43 inches high, which makes it six inches shorter, six inches narrower and four inches lower than its predecessor.


The machine is also nearly 40 pounds lighter than the original and features front-mounted casters, which should make it easier to move around. For storage, a vertical anchor kit is available for purchase for an additional $190.


The new Hydrow Wave Rower ditches the original model’s metallic design for a subtle dark gray and a hollow body that weighs 102 pounds, making it 43 pounds lighter than its predecessor. The new model is also six inches shorter, six inches narrower and four inches lower, which overall makes for a machine that takes up considerably less real estate than the original model.

For a $300 increase in price, you can also choose from four other body colors—blue, green, yellow and orange. 


The Hydrow Wave features a high-quality polycarbonate frame which is impact-resistant. Despite its lighter frame than the original model, the Hydrow Wave boasts the same 375-pound weight capacity.


The Hydrow Wave rower’s electromagnetic drag mechanism is patented technology designed to make you feel like you’re rowing outdoors on the water.

The Hydrow Wave rower is both WiFi and Bluetooth enabled, and can connect to your Apple Watch, heart rate monitor and other wearable tech that you use to track workouts. The Hydrow app is available on iOS and Android devices.

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The Hydrow Wave Rower is $1,695.


Customers can opt for in-home assembly for an additional charge, or follow the nine-step guide for at-home setup.


The Hydrow Wave has a one-year home use warranty. Hydrow also offers a 30-day risk-free home trial. If you’re not satisfied with your new rowing machine, contact Hydrow within 30 days of your purchase and it will arrange for a free pickup.

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Who the Hydrow Wave is Best For

The Hydrow Wave is best suited for people who are looking for a more affordable and compact smart rowing machine. The high-quality instructional videos and content (including a complimentary personal training session) make the Hydrow Wave a great choice for beginner rowers looking for feedback on their form in the comfort of their own home.

Who the Hydrow Wave is Not Best For

The Hydrow Wave rower would not be the best option for people who do not have at least 80 inches by 19 inches by 43 inches of space to accommodate their rowing machine. It also wouldn’t be a great choice for people who are not interested in instructor-led fitness programming.

Hydrow Wave Rower vs Original Hydrow Rower

Hydrow Wave Rower

The biggest difference between the Hydrow Wave and Hydrow Rower is size and price tag. The Hydrow Wave will save you about $1,000 and plenty of space in your living room. However, that does come with a trade-off: The original Hydrow Rower is equipped with a larger HD screen to stream fitness classes. Ultimately, which rowing machine is best depends on your needs and your space.

At $2,495, the Hydrow Rower is suited to more experienced rowers, whether they are professional athletes, former collegiate athletes or recreational exercisers who have tried and enjoyed rowing classes in the past. The Hydrow Rower is probably not best suited for a casual exerciser who wants to try rowing for the first time. The Hydrow Rower is also better for users who do not have space constraints and can accommodate the full size of the machine. Due to the nature of the subscription-based membership, customers should have an interest in guided workout classes.

On the flip side, the Hydrow Wave retails for $1,695, a price point that makes it more palatable to the entry-level rower or exerciser who is curious about getting into rowing for the first time. The huge media library is designed to accommodate rowers of all ability levels and provides excellent instruction for first-timers. The Hydrow Wave is also best suited for customers with space constraints, due to its smaller footprint. Similar to the Hydrow Rower, customers should be interested in guided workouts and fitness classes in order to take full advantage of the machine and membership.

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Hydrow Wave FAQs

What kind of rower is the Hydrow Wave?

The Hydrow Wave is a smart rowing machine that makes a great addition to a connected fitness home gym. The Hydrow Wave uses electromagnetic drag technology to bring an on-the-water feel to the comfort of your home, along with an extensive catalog of live and on-demand video workouts for any time of day or night.

Is the Hydrow Wave loud?

The Hydrow Wave machine itself is relatively quiet and Bluetooth-enabled so you can enjoy guided workouts without disrupting others in your living space.

Can I use the Hydrow Wave without a subscription?

Without an active membership, the Hydrow Wave will operate in a “Just Row” mode with limited functionality. Access to fitness classes and guided workouts requires an All-Access Membership for $38/month.

Is the Hydrow Rower good for beginners?

The Hydrow Rower is a great product for beginner rowers, due to its more affordable price point and plethora of instructional video content. Users are directed to a series of instructional videos upon first login, and an All-Access Membership includes access to a video library of 4,000+ live and on-demand workouts that will help first-timers practice and eventually master rowing form.

Final Thoughts

The Hydrow Wave Rower is a high-value addition to the smart rowing machine category of connected fitness. Its sleek, lightweight design and lower price point make it a bargain for rowing enthusiasts without sacrificing the added value of the guided workout library that made the original Hydrow Rower a leader in the field. The rowing machine’s patented electromagnetic drag technology makes for a superior ride that, combined with your choice of captivating scenery on the HD touchscreen, will make you feel like you’re truly on the water.

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