‘Gut slider’ laydown surfboard gets senior, injured surfers back on the waves

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A different type of surfing has taken off on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales; one that’s allowing surfers to keep riding waves well into their older years.

The “gut slider” has been a passion project for 74-year-old Nambucca Valley surfboard shaper Keith Robinson as a way to ride waves without having to stand on a board.

“I went back to the roots of surfing, which was a paipo board [from Hawaii],” Mr Robinson said.

“It was a laydown board and I just revamped it to work a whole lot easier.”

Man holds large surfboard standing outside in the bush
Mr Robinson says the boards are designed to clock up a lot of speed.(Hewysurf Photography: Chris Hewgill)

The question that started a movement

Mr Robinson started working in the surfboard industry at the age of just 12.

He has drawn on his lifetime of experience to create the gut slider board, which is designed to get the most out of a wave while lying on your belly.