Goldie Hawn shares her impressive trampoline exercise routine

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At 76, Goldie Hawn maintains an excellent physique, and it is abundantly evident that she follows a balanced diet and training regimen. You must check Goldie Hawn’s Instagram for sound advice regarding training and fitness motivation.

In her recent social media video, the renowned Oscar-winning actress shared her workout regimen while wearing a fitting spandex outfit, energizing audiences to a new level. Hawn also has an excellent fitness game. She routinely shares advice with her 3.4 million fans on the platform.

Exploring Goldie Hawn’s exercise routine

The Death Becomes Her star began her routine by jumping on a miniature trampoline, which she claims is a fantastic exercise for your lymph system. She showed off a few different jumping and bouncing techniques, emphasizing that you don’t need a trampoline to incorporate jumping and bouncing into your training regimen.

Hawn may have been standing in the kitchen with a bottle of wine in each hand, but not because she was drinking. She said that if you don’t have any dumbbells at home, use wine bottles as a substitute. The actress lifted the bottles above her head for a few overhead presses and lateral raises.

The routine ended with yoga and a strong dose of self-appreciation. The video serves as a reminder that fitness doesn’t have to be a serious, complicated issue. Use whatever you have at home to facilitate the routine.

Goldie Hawn went outside for a walk after finishing her arms training. She said, “walking is the most important thing you can do.” She also added that walking backward engages a distinct portion of the brain. If you’ve ever tried walking in reverse, you know how difficult it can be to keep balance. This invigorates the mind and body.

Fans loved her motivational message in a recent Instagram video where she discussed her favorite exercises for “MindUp Monday.”

As reported by the Manchester Evening News, Goldie Hawn’s diet focuses on eating well and making straightforward, light meals without dairy, sugar, or wheat. Hawn starts each breakfast with a glass of her favorite nutrient-dense green juice made using celery, kale, green peppers, and parsley.

Hawn enjoys exercising frequently. On her Instagram feed, she can be seen riding a bike, going on a nature hike or walking with partner Kurt Russell, working out briefly on her tiny trampoline, and playing golf with her son Oliver Hudson.

She enjoys dancing while doing the dishes. She explained in the caption of one of her films that dishwashing doesn’t have to be a bother. You can dance while doing it. In another caption, Hawn on the field said, “Golf is another way to experience mindfulness.”


For many years, Goldie has promoted good mental health and wellness. She just published a video on World Mental Health Day (October 10) in which she acknowledged struggling with mental health issues as a young person. She advised viewers to put in the effort and care for themselves and those near them. She said it would augment an individual’s capacity to improve.

Hawn is in great shape, and it’s nice to see that she maintains good health by doing something she enjoys. She has long been a dance enthusiast. Before becoming a global celebrity, she taught ballet. Watch the video below to see her moves:

Goldie Hawn demonstrates that maintaining a healthy body at any age doesn’t necessitate long, arduous workouts. If anything, we could all use a bit more humorous banter in our lives right now. Dancing and swinging to our favorite music seems like the perfect approach to cheer one up.

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