EXEC: Active Lifestyle Brands All Over 2022 Inc. 5000 List

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HydroJug, Brevite Backpacks, PXG, Crossrope, Hyperice and G Fuel were among a wide range of companies in the active lifestyle space that landed on the 2022 Inc. 5000 annual ranking of the fastest-growing private companies in America.

The list is a snapshot of how well companies performed in the period considered for the list, which, for the latest ranking, is 2018 to 2021.

Since Inc. started publishing in 1979, the publication has featured companies with rapid revenue growth to highlight entrepreneurial success.  Notable companies such as Zappos, Under Armour, Patagonia, Bombas, Stone Glacier and Peloton in the active space as well as Microsoft, Dell, Yelp, Intuit, and Pandora gained national exposure as honorees on its annual ranking.

A list of active lifestyle companies for 2022, ranked by growth, as compiled by Inc. follows:

  • #9 – Hardbody Supplements, Lenexa, KS-based maker of dietary supplements, including protein powders and pre-workouts. Three-year growth rate: 25,785 percent.
  • #18 – Hardbody Coaching, Overland Park, KS-based online fitness coaching company. Three-year growth rate: 15,064 percent.
  • #26- Athletic Brewing Company, Stratford, CT-brewer of nonalcoholic beer focused on active lifestyles. Three-year growth rate: 13,071 percent.
  • #82 – Bearaby, a New York City-based maker of weighted blankets that uses organic materials and upcycled fabric. Three-year growth rate: 4,999 percent.
  • #119 – HydroJug, Ogden, IT-based maker of the reusable water bottle company that revolves around the flagship HydroJug product. Three-year growth rate: 3,819 percent.
  • #126 – Bird & Co., Advance, NC-based maker of women’s swimwear, graphic tops, shoes, and more. Three-year growth rate: 3,566 percent.
  • #140 – Custom Patch Hats, Raleigh, NC-based custom hat and apparel firm. Three-year growth rate: 3,390 percent.
  • #202 – Bad Birdie, Scottsdale, AZ-maker of men’s and women’s golf apparel brand emphasizing fashion, comfort, and performance. Three-year growth rate: 2,632 percent.
  • #222 – Marc Nolan, Elk Grove Village, IL-based maker of luxury shoes and boots for men. Three-year growth rate: 2,390 percent.
  • #225 – Bear Walker Industries, Daphne, AL-based maker of hand-crafted, limited edition skateboards. Three-year growth rate: 2,357 percent.
  • #243 – Pathwater, San Carlos, CA-based seller of bottled water in sturdy, refillable aluminum bottles. Three-year growth rate: 2,189 percent.
  • #285 – Element 26, Austin, TX-based maker of weightlifting gear. Three-year growth rate: 1,948 percent.
  • #291 – Gymreapers, Boise, ID-based maker of fitness training apparel, gear and equipment. Three-year growth rate: 1,930 percent.
  • #316 – Ultraview Archery, Norcross, GA-based make of archery accessories and educational services. Three-year growth rate: 1,801 percent.
  • #392 – Vade Nutrition, Wixom, MI-based maker of portable, nutrition supplements. Three-year growth rate: 1,523 percent.
  • #400 – The Indoor Golf Shop, Celina, TX-based manufacturer of indoor golf equipment, information, resources, and golfer support. Three-year growth rate: 1,507 percent.
  • #604 – Brevite, Brooklyn, NY-based direct-to-consumer company producing backpacks that incorporate sustainability, functionality and social consciousness. Three-year growth rate: 1,053 percent.
  • #672 – Outbound Lighting, Skokie, IL-based maker of premium headlights for bicycles. Three-year growth rate: 934 percent.
  • #688 – Alpha Lion, Henderson, NV- sports nutrition brand. Three-year growth rate: 910 percent.
  • #789 – Murray Sporting Goods, Murray, KY-based maker of gear for youth sports leaders and players at sensible prices. Three-year growth rate: 806 percent.
  • #912- From Me to You, Independence, MO-based family-owned e-commerce company selling shoes, apparel and other products as an Amazon third-party reseller. Three-year growth rate: 698 percent.
  • #941 – Lake Pajamas, Savannah, GA-based retailer specializing in 100 percent Peruvian Pima Cotton pajamas that extend to casual wear. Three-year growth rate: 683 percent.
  • #1,027 – Buddy Outdoors, Dallas, TX-based online seller of gear and tools for hunters and anglers. Three-year growth rate: 634 percent.
  • #1,179 – Shefit, Hudsonville, MI-designer of sports bras. Three-year growth rate: 550 percent.
  • #1,183 – True Shot Gun Club, Tempe, AZ- ammunition dealer offering a selection of target practice, self-defense, and hunting ammunition. Three-year growth rate: 549 percent.
  • #1,309 – Silencer Central, Sioux Falls, SD-based retailer of firearm sound suppressors. Three-year growth rate: 497 percent.
  • #1,360 – Shinesty, Denver, CO-based apparel brand featuring irreverent and fun underwear designs. Three-year growth rate: 476 percent.
  • #1,394 – Fishing Online, New Brighton, PA-based retailer specializing in kayak fishing gear, including accessories, rods, reels, lures, lines, terminal tackles and apparel. Three-year growth rate: 462 percent.
  • #1,411 – Swooc Games, Boca Raton, FL-based manufacturer specializing in large, outdoor and novelty board games made from wood. Three-year growth rate: 456 percent.
  • #1,417- GenTeal, Oxford, MS-men’s premium clothing retailer. Three-year growth rate: 454 percent.
  • #1,423 – Asa Products/Mobo Cruiser, City of Industry, CA-manufacturer and retailer of bicycles and tricycles that feature a patented steering mechanism and adjustable frame for relaxed riding. Three-year growth rate: 452 percent.
  • #1,645 – Flybar, Freehold, NJ-based toy company specializing in stilts, scooters, swings, skateboards, sleds and the original pogo stick. Three-year growth rate: 380 percent.
  • #1,709 – Kokopelli Outdoor, Longmont, CO-based maker of light, packable inflatable kayaks. Three-year growth rate: 363 percent.
  • #1,771 – G Fuel, Hauppauge, NY-based performance energy drink maker for gaming and e-sports. Three-year growth rate: 347 percent.
  • #1,812 – Popflex, Los Angeles, CA-based woman-owned company designing workout products for women, including apparel, yoga mats, bags and hair accessories. Three-year growth rate: 336 percent.
  • #1,853 – GiantMouse, East Lansing, MI-based maker of folding and fixed-blade knives. Three-year growth rate: 328 percent.
  • #1,928 – My Backyard Sports, Closter, NJ-based specialty sports franchisor specializing in designing, building and installing sports products and courts in residential and local communities. Three-year growth rate: 312 percent.
  • #2,093 – Beau Ties of Vermont, Middlebury, VT-based retailer of ties, scarves, belts and tote bags. Three-year growth rate: 286 percent.
  • #2,114 – Feel The World (Xero Shoes), Broomfield, CO-based maker of lightweight, casual and performance shoes, boots, and sandals with minimalist, barefoot-inspired designs. Three-year growth rate: 283 percent.
  • #2,140 – 5Boys Apparel, Madison, AL-based family-owned and operated business providing screen printing and embroidery. Three-year growth rate: 277 percent. Three-year growth rate: 258 percent.
  • #2,308 – PXG – Parsons Xtreme Golf, Scottsdale, AZ-based maker of golf equipment, including drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, irons, wedges and putters, as well as sport fashion apparel and accessories. Three-year growth rate: 254 percent.
  • #2,324- Rapsodo, Chesterfield, MO-bases provider of data-driven sports technology and analysis to baseball, softball and golf athletes. Three-year growth rate: 252 percent.
  • #2,535 – Maven Thread, Lehi, UT-based women’s athleisure brand known for its unique colors and designs, soft fabric and reasonable prices. Three-year growth rate: 227 percent.
  • #2,566 – Crossrope, Raleigh, NC-based seller of weighted jump ropes for use with their companion app to support a full-body workout. Three-year growth rate: 223 percent.
  • #2,571 – Hyperice, Irvine, CA-based maker of massage guns and recovery tools. Three-year growth rate: 223 percent.
  • #2,737 – Gobi Heat, Fort Collins, CO-based woman-owned heated apparel and gear brand. Three-year growth rate: 204 percent.
  • #2,999 – Zestt Organics, Hagerstown, MD-based manufacturer of private and co-label organic cotton products. Three-year growth rate: 180 percent.
  • #3,087 – BOE Marine & RV, Stevensville, MD-based retailer of recreational products, specializing in marine electronics. Three-year growth rate: 174 percent.
  • #3,182 – SecureIt Tactical, Syracuse, NY-based firearm storage company. Three-year growth rate: 167 percent.
  • #3,185 – Top Speed Golf, Lake Mary, FL-based developer of instructional golf videos based on the analysis of champion golfers. Three-year growth rate: 167 percent.
  • #3,510 – Borealis Fat Bikes, Colorado Springs, CO-based producer of lightweight fat bikes, offering customized options directly to consumers and dealers. Three-year growth rate: 147 percent.
  • #3,528 – Threadly, Venice, CA-based supplier of custom apparel to colleges, universities and businesses, with brands including College Thread, Greek House, Athlete’s Thread and Threadly. Three-year growth rate: 146 percent.
  • #3,563 – Cool-jams Sleep Products, San Diego, CA-based manufacturer of temperature regulating sleep products, including moisture wicking sleepwear and bedding. Three-year growth rate: 145 percent.
  • #3,611 – Sock Fancy, Norcross, GA-based seller of threaded goods, specializing in combed cotton socks, luxe winter beanies, and other knitwear. Three-year growth rate: 142 percent.
  • #3,616 – Weisser Distributing, Tea, SD-based e-commerce retailer of private label and third party brand camping and hunting supplies and home accessories. Three-year growth rate: 142 percent.
  • #3,667 – C&S Holmes, Highland, UT-based outdoor gear manufacturer and e-commerce retailer of backpacks, sleeping bags, tents, cots, pads and other camping and hiking gear. Three-year growth rate: 139 percent.
  • #3,843 – Anatomie, Miami, FL-based maker of fashion performance sportswear for men and women, with six branded stores in upscale communities and an e-commerce site. Three-year growth rate: 129 percent.
  • #4,297 – Extra Mile E-Commerce, Elkhorn, NE-based sporting goods and gaming supplies retailer, offering apparel and equipment for disc golf, table tennis, basketball, foosball and trampolines. Three-year growth rate: 106 percent.
  • #4,447 – Campus Ink, Urbana, IL-based designer of collegiate apparel for more than 35 college campuses, serving national Greek organizations and athletic teams.  Three-year growth rate: 100 percent.
  • #4,460 – Beck’s Shoes – Campbell, CA-based shoe retailer of lifestyle and safety footwear. Three-year growth rate: 99 percent.
  • #4,810 – Signature Athletics, Tampa, FL-based tech-enabled sports apparel and equipment brand with a wholly owned subsidiary that produces youth lacrosse sporting events. Three-year growth rate: 86 percent.
  • #4,927 – The Leisure Collective, Carlsbad, CA-based distributor of brands inspired by a surfing and coastal lifestyle, including surf gear and designer eyewear. Three-year growth rate: 82 percent.

Companies on the 2022 Inc. 5000 are ranked according to percentage revenue growth from 2018 to 2021. Companies must have been founded and generating revenue by March 31, 2019. They must be U.S.-based, privately held, for-profit, and independent, not subsidiaries or divisions of other companies, as of December 31, 2021. (Since then, some on the list have gone public or were acquired.) The minimum revenue required for 2018 is $100,000. The minimum for 2021 is $2 million. Inc. reserves the right to decline applicants for subjective reasons.