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You may say I don’t have the time to exercise. Or you may say I don’t want to exercise. Well, let’s look at some of the benefits of exercise.

Hi this is Eunice from Diet Center.

Research has shown that even a little weight loss resulting from exercise can result in significant health benefits such as lowering blood pressure, and better blood sugar control. The loss could be such a small amount that you don’t have to see any significant physical changes. Researchers are also looking at how the small loss helps reduce the risk of chronic diseases.

Researchers are finding that a modest loss in weight from exercise comes from fat lost under the skin, as well as loss of intra-abdominal fat. One study, in which participants lost a modest average of three pounds after joining an exercise program, showed that the participants lost 7% of their intra-abdominal fat. This amount of fat loss around the body’s internal organs is what can significantly benefit a person’s health.

So, try not to become discouraged if you have begun to exercise, and the weight is not coming off as fast as you would like. You could be losing a good amount of fat, while improving your health!

Try to stay consistent with your exercise. If you find that you are having trouble doing that consider trying some exercise classes. They can be fun and benefit you in a big way. Fitness classes offer the advantage of being structured. Structured exercise routines help you stick to a schedule because you will know the dates and times the classes are held. This will allow you to plan, so you’ll be less apt to skip or miss those exercise sessions. Classes also offer a social atmosphere. This way, exercise doesn’t have to feel like a “chore.” You can think of it as an opportunity to spend time with others who have a common goal. Also, others in the class can provide a source of support and motivation. They can provide friendly pressure on you to stick to your exercise program and show up for every class. If you’ve tried to stick to exercising on your own but other things get in the way time and time again, then consider participating in exercise classes. You may be more likely to succeed with structured exercise.

If it has been a while since you participated in an exercise routine consult your physician.

Remember, the key to long-term weight loss and weight maintenance success is a good diet along with exercise. The reason for that is because it is easy to consume more calories than our body can metabolize or burn if we are not careful.

Thank you for reading Diet Center’s tip of the week.

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