Celeb PT Louisa Drake shares her intense 5-minute leg workout — and wow

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Looking for a new leg workout? Celebrity trainer Louisa Drake gives us an insight into how she trains the stars with this intense 5-minute leg workout. If you’re hoping to join the quad squad with a quad workout at home, now is your chance, as Drake has trained the likes of Victoria Beckham and Gwyneth Paltrow, and now you can use one of her go-to workouts to lengthen and strengthen your leg muscles. 

This leg workout has been posted to Harpers Bazaar’s YouTube channel and only takes a hot 5 minutes to complete. But don’t be deceived. While it includes just three bodyweight leg exercises — squats, lunges and hip extensions — Drake gives these staple functional exercises a fiery facelift by adding Pilates-inspired pulses and ballet principles to get your legs shaking.