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Aspiring to be Gen Z’s Carrie Bradshaw in the sex, relationship, dating, pop culture, mental health, and body positivity space, internet-famous TikTok and Instagram viral content creator Carly Weinstein discusses all on her popular podcast, “Hot Girl Talks,” as well as her other podcast co-hosted with her mother “Ok, Stop Wine-ing.” Lately, Carly Weinstein engages in an introspective conversation with Vaughn Lowery about her collab with Drew Barrymore, mental health, eating disorders, body positivity, and her popular podcast, “Hot Girl Talks.”  Watch Here.

With nearly half a million followers on socials and well over 38 million likes on her TikTok, Carly is this generation’s everyday gal-pal with her fun and down-to-earth and comedic content discussing everyday, real-life challenges and issues that almost all young 20-somethings go through. Along with her two co-hosts and best friends Hailey and Jaz, the three host “Hot Girl Talks” – a weekly series that covers the ups and downs of social lives, dating advice, sex, relationships, life in NYC, and other pop-culture news.

Along with “Hot Girl Talks,” Carly also co-hosts another podcast series with her mother titled “Ok Stop Wine-ing.”  She calls it – “a great lesson for a mother and a daughter” –  the mother/daughter duo have weekly conversations advising others on navigating friendships, relationships, work, obstacles in life and everyday advice.

Following in the footsteps of the iconic bloggers of the 2000s’, Carly self-taught herself how to code and build websites and launched her own blog “All Things C” in her teen years, which covered and followed her through her college years at Indiana University (IU). Tackling the good and the bad, Carly was very transparent and created a safe space for her to openly talk and interact with her readers regarding her disordered eating habits, body dysmorphia, and other topics that are very relatable to a wide demographic. “No matter what I’m talking about… I make sure the basis of my brand always has those underlying messages of ‘you’re beautiful no matter what,’…and giving people advice on how to combat some of those hard times in life,” Carly answered when asked how she addresses body and mental positivity, “I’ve been through plenty of mental health issues in my life so I speak to my following as if I’m speaking to my younger self or a younger sibling.” Priding herself as the “mom” of her group of friends, Carly has always had a passion for helping those in need and giving advice to those who inquire.

After graduating from IU, Carly moved to New York City doing social media management and quickly transitioned into being a content creator on TikTok to share her journey and life through a wider lens. After gaining recognition and blowing up for her unapologetically real content and relatability, Carly had discovered her passion in the social media space. Now with nearly half a million followers and over 38 million likes on her TikTok account, Carly has found her groove in the content-creating space and is ready to grow with her followers.

When Carly is not busy creating her social media content or recording episodes of her podcast, she can be found spending time with her close friends in NYC. She is also an avid traveler and loves to focus on her fitness with weightlifting and recently became obsessed with pickleball. When asked about the philanthropic works she’s been involved in, she answered “I’m very involved with Jewish Youth Organizations like BBYO… My family is really big with making donations to Cancer Charities, also mental health organizations like the National Eating Disorders Association.” Down the road, Carly is looking to get more involved with mental health advocacy and breast cancer research.

TikToker and Podcaster Carly Weinstein in 360 MAGAZINE.
TikToker and Podcaster Carly Weinstein in 360 MAGAZINE.

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Article: Jess Chen