Build glute muscle and strengthen your arms with a set of dumbbells and these five moves

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You may hear people talking about dividing their workouts into specific muscle groups. This is a great way to make sure your whole body is being trained but not everyone has the time to structure their sessions this way. This is where workouts that target more than one muscle group are helpful, just like this glute and arm routine.

You’ll either have to locate the dumbbell rack in your gym or get your hands on some of the best adjustable dumbbells to work with at home. Adjustable weights save on space, fitting multiple weights into one pair of dumbbells, and are easy to change load mid-workout. We’d recommend placing yourself over something padded for this routine, like one of the best yoga mats or a thick blanket, as you’ll be on the floor for each move.

Once you’re all set up, personal trainer Britany Williams (opens in new tab) will lead you through five different exercises to build muscle and improve strength in your arms and glutes. But the benefits aren’t limited to your butt and arm muscles, Williams explains:

“While isolating each muscle group is best for strength gain, combining them like this can help increase heart rate and build a foundation in your core control, your muscular endurance and in your body mechanics! Plus sometimes you’re just short for time so combo exercises it is!”.