6 things you can do every day to make yourself happier

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Sometimes, we just feel down and there’s no two-ways about it. These days can be termed as gloomy days, where we feel irritated about everything around us. On these days when nothing seems to be uplifting our moods, there are a few tricks that experts ask us to explore, and 6 ‘off the famous list to happiness’ could be just what you were looking for:

Hugging is extremely important

This particular activity releases feel good hormones in abundance. Give hugs. The typical hug lasts 2.1 seconds, but at least seven seconds must pass before endorphins are transferred — this must be remembered before we jump onto any conclusions.

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Challenge your inner voice

Most people have a very critical voice within their heads. Confront it. When your inner critic tells you that you are a fool, vehemently disagree. The greatest way to resolve this battle in your thoughts is in silence, so find a positive inner voice. If you find it hard to begin, then the best answer should be to meditate and give yourself some time to think on your own.

Attract all the positives

Reframe circumstances. Always look at the positive sides to any circumstance that occurs in our lives. All too often, we are invested in looking at the negatives, so much that we miss out on all the good things that happen. So, it is about time that we changed the situation to look mostly at the positive sides, for example if you pay taxes regularly, it means you have income; if your toddler is messing around your house, it means he is healthy and being creative etc.

The wording is also important

Make sure your language is more positive than negative. People who are doing things properly should be recognised and celebrated; the ratio should be around five positives to every negative word you utter. Uttering positives words and even listening to them from someone else, will definitely help uplift your moods. The saying ‘a positive attracts more positives’ – didn’t just happen by chance!

Get back into journaling

Journaling is a common way to reduce stress. And this is something most of us have done when we were younger. Mental health experts can’t stress enough, how important this is to lift our moods. If we start by making a list of our top ten most joyful experiences, you’ll see that most of them are experiences that are worthy of remembering for the rest of our lives. Plus, journaling helps us concentrate better, become more focused, find out the root cause to our problems and even find solutions to tackling most of them.

Enjoy shared activities

People tend to say, two is a company and rightfully so. If you are experiencing the blues, the best and easiest way to go through it is with a loved one next to you. According to research, shared activities boost the mind and release ‘feel good’ hormones similar to social association. These shared activities can be something very casual like cooking together, doing spring cleaning, going shopping or even a simple chit-chat over a cup of coffee. Think about it; if there’s a one true friend to pull you through everything, beating the blues should be the least of anyone’s problem.

There are many other points like the ones above that can help us heal and feel better. For extra help, mental health experts are always there to find out the root cause to our troubles and help walk us through it, with compassion, understanding and last but not the least — time.